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Sea of Love by Cat Power

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Sea of Love, by Cat Power. nobody reads descriptions so this should be safely unread. i reached a milestone tonight, a million views on this video. i write a confession, what happened. i started to take photographs to take my mind of a horrendous relationship breakup. i didn't want it to end but it did. it was the first time i felt so alone in this world. and then being without her mattered so much that it felt like i was dying. This song was my anthem around the time. Cat Power it seemed, had suffered a similar fall from grace. it was and still is, a sad song. this milestone then, a million views, makes me want to write something about why i uploaded this video in the first place, but the fact is that 95-99 % of viewers click on this video to hear Cat power sing Sea of love, and not view my pictures. of course that's why they click on it, they haven't heard of me, but they have watched Juno, and they have seen Cat Power on stage somewhere, or heard her voice on some friends' CD player. don't get me wrong, i am not insecure, i am totally confidant about my ability to take a photograph as a means to express myself. the music i use in my video merely aides the emotional connection, music has always done this. i am nearing the end of my twenties. in a couple of months i will be thirty years of age. i don't have any children, and i don't have a partner. i make a living as a photojournalist and freelance photographer. for as long as i can remember, i could never fit somewhere. there's nowhere i could call home. i barely recognise myself from the young man who entered university thinking that a formal education in psychology was going to make me happy, that this prescribed route was going to make me stop wondering, and actually live my life, instead of scratching at it, watching it. the solace of a camera then seems in retrospect like an obvious thing to do, but as luck would have it, i finally found something that i was truly a natural at, expressing myself. you see i have a lot of pain. of course everyone and their dog has pain and i am no different, but what i find myself trying to do with the camera is just ignore everything that i have ever learned or experienced, just blissfully forget about the taxman, the banker, the things that make up the world around me, and just think about me. when i take a photograph i am there, being hit by a wave, happy in a graveyard, in a box, or even a garden plastic rabbit, these are all expressions of myself. yes they exist and i didn't arrange them, but i am drawn to them as soon as i sense them, and for however long the scene is as such, i want to take a photograph of it, and when i do, i feel momentarily invigorated, an orgasmic sense of something recognised and understood and captured, a reflection of myself. so from someone with no artistic background, via a Machiavellian relationship breakup, i find myself with the perfect medium to express myself with, the camera. thanks for reading. Raymond McCarron my Facebook Photography page: http://www.facebook.com/RaymondMcCarronPhotography Please click like, but only if you like.
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Text Comments (3149)
dope smoke (1 day ago)
i read the description. i can never hear this song without crying because of one person a decade ago.
Salted Caramel Ass (2 days ago)
wtf i'm so sad
Aysu Selçuk (6 days ago)
LYRİCS Come with me My love To the sea The sea of love I wanna tell you How much I love you Do you remember When we met That's the day I knew you were my pet I wanna tell you How much I love you Come with me My love To the sea The sea of love I wanna tell you How much I love you
read the description. I clicked the like button , only because I liked it.
function1811 (21 days ago)
Well Raymond, I read the comment 11 years late, I hope time was a great healer.
Ervin Poljak (28 days ago)
Heiko Gallagan (1 month ago)
Don't worry Raymond, we are kinda on the same boat, except I do draw. I have no hard time to find a partner because people think I'm attractive, funny and an interesting person, but I don't think the same for them, my feelings are nothing more than friendship, and it pains me to deal such sadness to people I care. I'm not especially looking for someone, I have wonderful people beside me, but yet I feel awfully lonely and empty. My studies are too expansive for me, I have no purpose in life except drawing and make people I love happy. But somehow, this whole situation where I hurt them instead of protecting them, and this because they fall in love with me while I don't, pains me. And I feel alone. See, our stories are very different and yet the result is the same : life is dead, but we can stop time just a moment, to appreciate what we do the best. I hope you're going well, have a good day/evening ~
Raymond McCarron (1 month ago)
Heiko Gallagan thank you for the beautiful words.
daanfentoon (1 month ago)
Hey. Been a long time. 8 million views and I’ve seen your description. Hope life ongoing is going well for you.
dreamgaze (1 month ago)
life is sad
Jess Weaver (2 months ago)
This is what longing, yearning, wanting, sounds like. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Raymond.
ГДЕ Я (3 months ago)
And I love the sea. Who else? Like
Rob3rt (3 months ago)
I am here in 2019, my friend sent me this song and I read the description. I hope that you are better now. Heartbreak is terrible and I hope you never have to experience it again.
bad omen (3 months ago)
j c (3 months ago)
How are you doing now, Raymond? It’s been 11 years since you uploaded this clip, hope your doing well. Just came here cuz I remembered my ex-girlfriend, she cried on my shoulders hearing this song(watching Juno) and just really felt sentimental today, that’s all. Take care
j c (3 months ago)
And I finished reading the description exactly when the song ends, cool
Grantism (3 months ago)
This song is like sad but it makes me happy because it makes me think about what a wonderful future I will have with someone someday and I'll share this song with them c:
Dimplr (4 months ago)
You arent alone Raymond
yo janet (4 months ago)
i almost killed myself to this song
Sophie N (4 months ago)
This was my aunts fav song but she died from cancer in 2018 22 feb at 7:22 I miss her
marianelida (5 months ago)
Hello, Raymond. My name is Marianela and I'm from Argentina. It is true I came here for Cat Power but I do read descriptions. After reading yours, I watched the video again. Just wanted you to know that. I wish you the best of lucks. Keep doing what you love. It has inspired me.
cynthia almeida rosa (5 months ago)
Oh boy. You're not alone in your pain.
Brandon Jackson (5 months ago)
Really dumb question: is she playing a guitar or ukulele?
Brandon Jackson (5 months ago)
Raymond McCarron (5 months ago)
not at all, i didn't know initially either. it's a ukulele.
DiamondLifer (5 months ago)
You’re not alone. There’s more of us out there than you know with nowhere to call home. For me, it’s creating music and words. Keep creating and those souls will find you. Art tends to bring the lost together in a way unlike any other. ❤️
Kory Schneider (6 months ago)
i read it
Ben Coniam (6 months ago)
nice words man
Juan DeJesus (6 months ago)
Ray Donovan S05E01
Fabian Flores (6 months ago)
I really want to see more of your photos, I love what you wrote and I feel the same way, and I'm doing just as you did, love you man.
Marian Cook (7 months ago)
Read your description for the bio. thank u for sharing 💜
Lygar Korompot (7 months ago)
still listening to this song . fall in love since the first time i watch juno !
Evan W. Smith (8 months ago)
After watcing the video for the Honeydippers, I'd rather assume this was first.
brunalvsnmjn (8 months ago)
Hey I made a cover of this song and I hope you can see it and meet my chanel and you can make suggestions of songs ❤❤😘https://youtu.be/5_vIbXNrEy4
J (8 months ago)
i hope youre doing okay Raymond
Maiza Vinhort (8 months ago)
the description.
PBjellymonkey (8 months ago)
Shane dawson
n9nehole (9 months ago)
I don't know if this is still an active account, but there's something I want to say to the little hope that it still is. I read your bio Ray and it blows my mind how 10 years later I can relate to how you were feeling back in 08' now. I don't know if life got better for you I hope it did but your bio pretty much described everything I'm feeling in life right now I'm 20 years old about to be 21 in a few months and I just got out of the biggest breakup I've ever had I've been with this person since I was 16 years old so not sure how to handle it. I will admit I have a lot of nihilistic views and that could be a huge reason on why I lost her and it's funny how over the years anytime her an me ever got into a fight I would always put this specific video on because I liked the pictures it always made me think of better days I had with her and how growing up sucks ass but being in love makes everything suck a little less I hadn't even thought about reading your bio until today I wish I would have there's so much I could have learned but never did an that's okay. I relate to you with a camera but with poetry instead when I'm feeling down and blue and I feel like there's nothing left I always write a song or spoken word poem they may not always be the best and I may not show people them or record them but they helped me get through life so thank you for the beautiful pictures even though I'm sure you're a much better photographer now these pictures show me that even when you're alone life still goes on and there's nothing you can do to stop it good luck in your 40's Ray I hope your 30's were worth it....
Gabriela Calderón Jiles (9 months ago)
Read the description, beautiful.
am anime half cat (9 months ago)
Who here is watching October 2018?
1-800-HABITORRABBIT (9 months ago)
My internet-wife sent me this. I love you, KitKat. So much.
rgadave (10 months ago)
Wish her record company would release her version of 'Dreams'
Joseph Hanks (10 months ago)
Was introduced to Robert Plant's version by a beautiful flower and saw the song shape itself into our early honeymoon anthem, then everything fractured and as I fell from love's grace, Cat Power's version caught me and soothed my wounded heart. She gave these lyrics purpose again for me - I remember when we first met, just wish the flower would too. It's beautiful, the ups and downs, all of it. Thank you for loving.
Gabriel Musa (10 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your truth Raymond, it was really nice reading you.
Grecia Mojardin (10 months ago)
Aude (10 months ago)
I'm drown by this music of love
Fallyn (10 months ago)
melody and lyrics are just right for replay.
Fallyn (10 months ago)
used to think this song was too flat but, flat suits it.
Sam Orosco II (10 months ago)
Geez man. Not gonna lie, I didn't read the description till the second time I watched the video. Reading your story made me tear up. Happy you found something that makes you happy. You deserve it, everyone does. Thank you for sharing.
knowme4 (10 months ago)
I feel your pain Raymond... Something I can totally relate to. Hope you've found your happiness, where ever you are.
un1corngam3r (11 months ago)
Amazing artwork Raymond
María Molina (11 months ago)
Cuánto me costó encontrar esta canción 😭💔
The Crow (11 months ago)
edmonia123 (11 months ago)
Wow, I’m inspired. Thank you for the description. Great photos!!!
Grace & Tommy (11 months ago)
This was the song that got me through many very difficult times during my pregnancy. Just danced to it with my now 1 1/2 year old :,)
Kristina Mavar (11 months ago)
Hi Raymond, i just want to tell you how your story moved me and how i just felt connected to you. loads of love to you! take care and be well! <3 xx
Антон Минин (11 months ago)
Учись мастерить видео лучше
Антон Минин (11 months ago)
Чушь и брет
Jen Sing (11 months ago)
I wanted to see if this was still here. I found this video years ago, as you would alone at night in your apartment and read the description. I sought out the song for how I felt at the time in of my life and didn't know where it would go. I read the description and was blown away. I felt a kin to the feeling of the author and reflected how would things be , how could things be with the person who I was feeling a similar but separate feeling over. The author's words and photos felt very genuine, and rare to stumble a peak into. Rare to perfectly communicate this to others. Right now I wanted to see if this was still here. I'm lying in bed next to the same person that made me feel that way years ago. We're still not married and he's said something that makes scared or hurt about the future. It's not his intent nor fault but I feel the way I feel to hear the news that I will possible see him even less. And I thought of this video and story. I feel certain this author is with someone now. I wonder how things have changed and that is to say so much has and that is to say: life has just been what it has been so much more that it was before. It's not 2013. It's not even 2017. Whatever limbo you feel in your life, changes too. I don't know why I wanted to share this. Maybe bc I wanted to connect the time and everything in between. I dint listen to it again, but I want to make sure this magic still existed and so did their story and treasure. Maybe holding onto these things is what allows us to feel love and life later. An awareness. An appreciation. Who knows where to make your next step. Who knows where it goes. T
Eda D. (11 months ago)
come with me my love
Strapper's Girl (11 months ago)
Anyone know the original? https://youtu.be/_T8PHEAHOBs
Michelle Molina (1 year ago)
Read the description. And normally, I am not one to comment. But your words provoked a few thoughts (not that it matters): I'm sorry for your breakup and hope you've found your place. If not, I hope you've created one where wanderers such as yourself (hell, myself too) can feel....connection. To life itself and everyone/everything in it, for better or worse. The ability to feel is a mysterious thing, but it really helps build an appreciation towards life, such as the way you found solace through the lens of your camera.
Rebecca Marie (1 year ago)
here at 7 million views. just wanted to say I read your description hehe. I watched all your photographs. I hope you've found somewhere you belong by now. a place you call home. thanks for the song!
Cats Ruleworld (1 year ago)
cybersphere (1 year ago)
Who came here because of the movie Sea of Love starring Al Pacino?
bad omen (1 year ago)
i hope you are okay, Raymond : )
Soljupitr (1 year ago)
10 years apart, bless you and hope you're in a good place of life right now! much love, and wish you a lot of kindness.
Joshua Burgess (1 year ago)
It's in A = 449 Hz fyi :) great song
bgam99 (1 year ago)
The description was beautiful
bgam99 (1 year ago)
This is the first song I sang to my daughter when she was born.
ry (1 year ago)
Some songs are just perfect.
foxo98 (1 year ago)
Esta canción me hace sentir melancolía y nostalgia,la amo!
Jesse James Atencio (1 year ago)
Cat Power is the Queen of Sad, and I love her for it. Just so you know, OP, you’re not alone in being alone and feeling alone. I’m in a similar situation now. But it’s quite amazing that you’ve found something that’s your own, that you’ve carved out a little space of the world with your camera. Cherish that.
Richard Rodriguez (1 year ago)
My favorite song in the world. This song makes me think of how one day my mom and everyone else that is special to me will one day not be here, and this song just makes me think of every good memory I have with them and how that time is already gone, yet at the same time I see myself getting married to this song.
бьютифол блять
parush tube (1 year ago)
Nogo uspukuqva
Blas Rosales (1 year ago)
love this version
Başak Türkan (1 year ago)
567 dislikes why tho
Rachel Calix (1 year ago)
I absolutely love this version of the song.
Gabriela Toscano (1 year ago)
Thank you for writing that description. i identify and feel love
Joe Gervasi (1 year ago)
Memories of old Shane Dawson
Parth Pant (1 year ago)
Juno is the best movie in the entire world!
Ajeet Kashyap (1 year ago)
Pure and blissful
Ronald Carlson (1 year ago)
Miss my true love
Jacqueline BC. (1 year ago)
t mcgough (1 year ago)
Sorry, due to my days in adult contemporary and country radio I can't enjoy this. Cheesiest way to gain airplay was to release a new version of a previous hit. No problem with hearing a cover version at a live concert, but for an artist but for an artist to record it to try to squeeze another nickel out of an old warhorse like this? No thanks. BTW I enjoy some of 'Ms Power's work; and her mom is a casual acquaintance of my mom"s.
hass84 (11 months ago)
"due to my days in adult contemporary and country radio" hahahahahahah
Elliot Johnson (1 year ago)
When I first heard this song I was going through a lot. My family was becoming homeless and falling apart. But I had my dog and my cat. My cat was only a year old and my dog was only 3. I used to sing this to them every night.. Now I only get to visit them when I can make the time and make it to them. They are separate as well. My dog is getting to be old.. I can see it, it hurts to admit but I haven't been making anywhere near the effort I should've been to see her.. she's depressed.. Now hearing this song as cradle my frail old Lily.. it breaks my heart.. I'm sobbing. But I sang it to her again while I could.. I don't think she understands how much she means to me.. My dog has been through hell and back with me.. I hope I can make up to her all the time I missed..
mervelerden biri (1 year ago)
mervelerden biri (5 months ago)
@Eda D. :D
Eda D. (1 year ago)
bi yerden illa
mervelerden biri (1 year ago)
Alperen Araz (1 year ago)
Juno Gumshoe (1 year ago)
So wonderful it hurts.
Madhuri Gadiraju (1 year ago)
The description ❤
lovingMETAL20 (1 year ago)
I'm here because of Lana Del Rey 😊
Anna Alisa (1 year ago)
Here cause of a Mango advert
Sierra Mcgrath (1 year ago)
Standing here pregnant tears running down my cheek on to my belly. This version if the song. It's my love song to my unborn daughter juniper James ♡♡♡
Krys Chi (1 year ago)
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. I think everyone is prone to feeling like they don't fit in some way or another; we live our lives alone and singular. I appreciate that you've found your medium and are able to enjoy life through this lens.
Jelena K. (1 year ago)
MANGO SS'18 Campaign brought me here
Kristina Ilic (1 year ago)
Shayy Niicole (1 year ago)
I can personally relate to the movie. this song gets me Everytime I watch this part of the movie cuz how much I love an miss my little boy but he happy an makes me happy. miss you John t.m.
Typical pathetic attempt of a true classic by typical no talent millennial.
Daine Lauren (1 year ago)
i cried so hard reading the description. thank you, i feel much less alone.
Matthew Easton (1 year ago)
After I kill myself, I want them to play this song and this song only for my service
Jessica Adams (1 year ago)
Hey, guy who wrote the description, your now almost 40 and have 7.6 million views!
Bianca Silket (1 year ago)
Great photography, great choice of song. Wonderful honesty in description. Bless you. Take care.
julips gf (1 year ago)
Summer Shirley (1 year ago)
I just wanted to say I've been be listening to this video and loving these pictures for the past 8 years or so. I always read the description and I can't decide if I do only because it says, no one ever reads descriptions, or if it's because I always do read them.

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