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Style Tips To Make Chubby Guys Look More MUSCULAR 💪 | 3 Clothing Tricks | StyleOnDeck

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Text Comments (1625)
rob boswell (9 months ago)
Checking out the haters in the comments. We are all working to get more fit. Nice to know I cam look better in my clothes getting there. Subscribed a minute into the video. What took me so long
Marvin Smith (16 hours ago)
Bro we need a skinny man's page. 😂😂😂😂
Quentin Sterling (1 month ago)
same here! subscribed halfway through the intro...
Gay For Doom49 666 (1 month ago)
Im 14 and got a dad gut help
Jose Castro (8 hours ago)
It sucks man😜
DevanOnDeck (6 hours ago)
What does?
Marvin Smith (16 hours ago)
Man these channels is helping my blk ass. 😂😂😂😂😂
Marvin Smith (14 hours ago)
+DevanOnDeck I am stuck in the 90s. 😂😂😂
DevanOnDeck (14 hours ago)
Haha nice
Douglas (17 hours ago)
Thank you!
DevanOnDeck (14 hours ago)
Any time!
Jmoney Elk (1 day ago)
Why you giving away our secrets ! 😂
DevanOnDeck (20 hours ago)
HipPopSupaStar (1 day ago)
Instantly subscribed 👌🏼
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
Thanks for the sub
manifest 73 (1 day ago)
32 Cool in my opinion is the best Tshirt. It's available at Costco.
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
Nice; thanks for sharing 🙏🏾
King Suarez (1 day ago)
Step 1. Workout .....
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
Step 2. Leave the same lame comment as 500 other guys
Tim Howard (1 day ago)
Great Refreshing Channel ....Count me in Bro !
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
Thanks Tim
M Performance (1 day ago)
Or just diet and workout. Eat what you want then expect to look fat
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
Working out takes time. But this is for the body a chubby guy has *_today_* Besides “or diet and work out”doesn’t count all the guys that have been helped from this video that have physical impairments or diseases that don’t allow them to hit the gym
a hack's progress (1 day ago)
Dad Bods lol
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
Twan Visuals (1 day ago)
What brand is that black shirt u got on
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
Spike RedVenom (1 day ago)
Where can I find that style of polo? I like the collar.
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
I got it from uniqlo but Zara has some right now
andre torres (1 day ago)
Where did you get that black T?
andre torres (1 day ago)
+DevanOnDeck its dope...I like the Calvin Klein polos they have tighter short sleeves
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
Thanks for the knowledge. 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿👍🙌🏼🤛😁
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
Sure thing!
Frank P. (1 day ago)
Great video but cmon guys we can get our shit together and get in shape as well.
Freie Meinung (1 day ago)
Laurence (2 days ago)
Just workout
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
No Laurence
This video is super relatable and I subbed right away. Those other you tubers be jacked and then be like… just wear a V neck. I finally found a Style YouTuber that’s like the majority of us!
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
Thanks for the sub Marcus
shino88 (2 days ago)
Good clothing advice, but really you are just hiding the root of the problem, which is not really the solution. Better train and watch your calorie intake, feel better, look better.
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
This video isn’t about a permanent solution. Losing weight takes time, but guys gotta dress with the body they have *_today_*
Alan Success (2 days ago)
Oh my the stretching part. I do it all the time. Hahahha. I just sorted it out as i was trying to hide my belly months ago... best trick ever
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
Haha agreed
Kicked and Backed (2 days ago)
Not gonna even watch this BS. Wear a waist trainer.... Done dip shits!!!! Just loose weight
DevanOnDeck (1 day ago)
If cared about the opinions of losers I would have never started a YouTube channel... *_or is it spelled “loosers” ??_*
Kicked and Backed (1 day ago)
+DevanOnDeck trying to seem smart makes you look dumb, you know what I meant you're not a 4 year old
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
How does one “loose” weight?
Shermeka G.1983 (2 days ago)
At 4:45 the way you was talkin and moving your hands remind me of Kevin Hart.😊
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
I get that a lot haha
Clicked cause I have some bloat going on. Lol
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
Haha nice
Acacius (2 days ago)
Well damn. I thought I was the only ons doing this lol.
Rashid Gaylon (2 days ago)
would only work if you have a big chest and big biceps.
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
I have a tiny chest, and damn near manboobs but ok
Craig Stratford (2 days ago)
Proper real and personable with It.
Rioeio Kha (2 days ago)
Tip number one, stop eating junk and go to the gym, who are you trying to fool by wearing tight clothing? Pathetic
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
This video as nothing to do with tight clothing. Who leaves comments without watching the whole video? PATHETIC
MuzzleFitness (2 days ago)
Glad there's a positive spin on those who can relate to this. May I add, that a man should always address his body. There should be no excuses for allowing your body to look anything outside of healthy. Kindly note: I'M NOT REFERRING to being all" jacked." I'm a once upon a time chubster who lost a significant amount of weight... because I knew I didn't have to be "jacked," "huge," or "Diesel"...I had to be tight and right for my health. I can attest a Polo shirt or any shirt for that matter, garmet, attitude and appearance ALWAYS look better when your physique is respectfully up to par.
henry ford (2 days ago)
Just workout bruh lol
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
Working out takes time. But this is for the body a chubby guy has *_today_* Besides “just work out”doesn’t count all the guys that have been helped from this video that have physical impairments or diseases that don’t allow them to hit the gym
Dip Rip (2 days ago)
Why don’t you insecure bitches actually work out...😂
DevanOnDeck (2 days ago)
Working out takes time. But this is for the body a chubby guy has *_today_* Besides “actually work out”doesn’t count all the guys that have been helped from this video that have physical impairments or diseases that don’t allow them to hit the gym
twes619 (3 days ago)
Cool dude, subbed
DevanOnDeck (3 days ago)
Thanks for the sub
Blackpapaya Vevo (3 days ago)
Finally I found my type
DevanOnDeck (3 days ago)
Appreciate that
Tech with J. Garrett (3 days ago)
Great tips! Auto Sub on a great video...
DevanOnDeck (3 days ago)
Appreciate it J
Ilham Biam (3 days ago)
Thanks bruh... That really helping. 😄
DevanOnDeck (3 days ago)
Any time
hifi 3 (3 days ago)
Great video.
DevanOnDeck (3 days ago)
Thank you
spade2187 (3 days ago)
Wow great video! Just one question how do I stretch out button down shirts? I have a 3x but it’s right around stomach
DevanOnDeck (3 days ago)
Great question! You want to unbutton the shirt and stretch out each panel separately... but only around the mid-section (this only works of the button down is made of stretch material)
Carlos Gil (3 days ago)
Preach my dude!!
Baaby Waid (3 days ago)
Bruh where can I get them ear rings on you
DevanOnDeck (3 days ago)
They’re 4g screw in tunnels (my ears are stretched)
NBA9to5 (4 days ago)
Just do the work and hit the gym. That’s that planet fitness mentality
DevanOnDeck (4 days ago)
Working out takes time. But this is for the body a chubby guy has *_today_* Besides “just do the work” doesn’t count all the guys that have been helped from the video that have physical impairments or diseases that don’t allow them to “hit the gym”
Jose Vener Elizaga (4 days ago)
I dont know why this is in my recommended list
Jose Vener Elizaga (4 days ago)
+DevanOnDeck but I will subscribe coz I think this vid will help me a lot. Im a chubby guy
DevanOnDeck (4 days ago)
Neither do I Jose. Thanks for the comment though
John Aguilar (4 days ago)
Where did you get those reddish pants?
DevanOnDeck (4 days ago)
I go to the gym but i don’t eat healthy i eat whatever i want
DevanOnDeck (5 days ago)
Same here 💯
AZUbius (6 days ago)
Not a big dude, actually super lean and lanky (skinny, ok I said it, lol), but likes for the content here bro
DevanOnDeck (6 days ago)
Haha nice
Michael W (6 days ago)
Why would you want to impress These Hoes for pussy you should already know these b****** ain't s***. and so you tricked a b**** going to keep f****** with your shirt on
DevanOnDeck (6 days ago)
Huh? Just man up and type what you really want to say. You’re not making sense
noah london (7 days ago)
just found your channel....LOVE IT BRO!!!!!! I'm slim in the right places...not so much in others. your tips are TOO on point!!! good job!
DevanOnDeck (7 days ago)
Hey thanks Noah
Bushido sama (8 days ago)
My skinny folks where yall at
Myao Castillo (8 days ago)
i totally do the 'Up, Back, Relax' thing .. haha + the roll up sleeves 👌👌👌
Bill Clay (9 days ago)
LOL this video is complete bullchit. LOL Lets use an actual chubby guy.This guy aint because you can see his chest atleast sticks out farther or the same as his stomach so certain clothes will look decent on him. Get a real fat guy and try rolling up his sleeves to see if the same "effect" works. funny tho'.
DevanOnDeck (5 days ago)
I've actually *_gained_* weight (40 lbs) and I've found solutions to look better in my clothes. If I wore the same clothes from when I was smaller, they would look too tight and uncomfortable. *_That's a fact, not a theory_* Now if I'm not chubby compared to you or people you know that's your perspective and I wont invalidate that by calling it BS... Because I respect your point of view // Only an idiot would think that their experience and opinion is absolute truth over anyone else's Again... nice try
Bill Clay (6 days ago)
+DevanOnDeck No attempt because that wasnt my goal. I just noticed the BS in your theory thats all. On this video you arent even that big. You lost some weight and now trying to sell rolling up sleeves as a way to look smaller. Only thing laughable is people are buying into this.
DevanOnDeck (8 days ago)
I respect your opinion. But the clothes I can’t fit from last year prove otherwise. Also my side rolls and rubbing thighs... nice attempt to invalidate my experience e though
anthony watts (9 days ago)
New subscriber check out my ig for Time is everything brand @dnukgsd
Dustin Poole (10 days ago)
I like the tighter arm sleeve tip...genius!
Vladimir Berlizev (10 days ago)
He shares increadibly valuable content on a regular basis. Tons of respect.
DevanOnDeck (10 days ago)
Hey thanks!
drew aleksey blink (12 days ago)
Now this is what do i call "A LIFE HACK"
I want a t-shirt saying "I eat what I want, not what I should"
Cheem Qweas (12 days ago)
Please do a video about making scrawny guys look more muscular 😭
The Regular Guy Look (13 days ago)
AWESOME! Let’s hear/see more. I get tired of all those male model / buff dude types always showing you how to look good in clothing in between them working out at the gym. Unfortunately I have to earn a living and I work 10+ hours each day, plus travel 90min to get to work.....the gym....what’s that? I want to see more of “the regular guy look” (like Rodney Dangerfield in Easy Money - check it out if you have not seen it). Look forward to your next Regular Guy Look.
WondrousFlyer 17 (13 days ago)
I really enjoyed this video and it helped me out with my fashion style a lot
Gia Nelson (14 days ago)
I'm watching for my bae! We about to get his swag on 1000 😂😂😂😂 Thanks for the tips! Lol
DevanOnDeck (14 days ago)
Haha dope
Tikboy Tikas (14 days ago)
Eat whatever you want.. remember life is short
Big Dilf (14 days ago)
Life is short if you eat whatever you want
Don Ragnar (15 days ago)
Fuck that. Hit the gym and diet - hard work. Concealing with clothes is like lipstick on a pig. Improvement is build upon physiology not superficial shit that this fool is preaching
DevanOnDeck (15 days ago)
king_d713 (16 days ago)
Sub bro... Keep up the great work
DevanOnDeck (15 days ago)
Hey thank you
Cant Decide (16 days ago)
Instant subscribe
DevanOnDeck (16 days ago)
Thanks for the sub
Felipe Ospina (17 days ago)
First 10 seconds of the video had me sold pretty hilarious
Delabeled (17 days ago)
Not trying to harsh on your video but as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist I always try to correct certain things most people say about eating habits. Not sure if you will even read this however. People seem to assume to have a nice physique you need to eat a very specific way and very specific things. Ultimately that is 100% false. The only requirement for weight loss is a calorie deficiency. Going to the gym is also not the only way to burn calories so that's not really a good excuse either. I'm currently at 10% body fat and holding and I still eat pizza, chips, drink alcohol, eat hamburgers, just in general eat what I want. The only difference is I do it in moderation. I usually eat chicken and rice with vegetables or some form of chicken pasta. It's not that I should eat those it's that I WANT to eat those things. Huge difference. I also still limit my daily calorie intake and because I my goal is to build more muscle I make sure my protein intake is on point.
Marco_tho (17 days ago)
I eat what I want not what I eat😂
its Unafraid (17 days ago)
Respect my brother, more vids
Derrick Johnson (18 days ago)
bout time somebody thought of the big guys out here. Devan, you however, are not big! For some of us who cannot hide the stomach do you have a vest OR zip your stomach option (lol)?? I clicked believing you had found a miracle... Go back to the drawing board and suggest some stomach tips...
DevanOnDeck (17 days ago)
I never said I was big... the title says *Chubby* // I’m 40lbs overweight and can’t fit my shirts from last year and that’s why I made this video *_Want help with stomach and manboobs?_* Made this video too https://youtu.be/zYXnYIASghc
Robb Y (18 days ago)
Wait the guy giving us the tips is a "big guy?" Well damn...
Robb Y (18 days ago)
+DevanOnDeck you said chubby my dude that's big guy lol. Was just saying thanks for the tips guess i expected a bigger dude no offense intended my dude.
DevanOnDeck (18 days ago)
Never said I was a “big guy” those are your words.
shawn parker (18 days ago)
Kevin Hart lite
DevanOnDeck (18 days ago)
Kevin Hart *HEAVY* He’s half my size + I’m overweight
Gaby (21 days ago)
Idk why I clicked on this cause I'm a woman lmao but I just wanted to say you look great! And I enjoyed reading the funny comments from all of you guys
DevanOnDeck (21 days ago)
Hey thanks
Eoin Flannery (21 days ago)
i like this
DevanOnDeck (21 days ago)
Thank you
Booger Wizard (21 days ago)
Don't know how I got here... but I'm going to look a solid 20% better after leaving. That washer trick works my dudes!
DevanOnDeck (21 days ago)
Thanks my guy
Earl Butler (22 days ago)
Great video
DevanOnDeck (22 days ago)
Thanks Earl
Krishna Joshi (22 days ago)
Thanks bro
DevanOnDeck (22 days ago)
Sure thing
RandomAK (22 days ago)
YouTube recommended this so I can send to my imaginary man 😂
DevanOnDeck (22 days ago)
Jwillzy (22 days ago)
Thank you so much for this!
Vlado (23 days ago)
DevanOnDeck (23 days ago)
What do you mean by that?
green mushroom (23 days ago)
So do u put ur shirts in the dryer or let everything hang dry?
DevanOnDeck (23 days ago)
Hang dry
Joseph Lacey (23 days ago)
Thanks for great ideas.
DevanOnDeck (23 days ago)
No problem
macabebe scout (23 days ago)
So pretty much dad bod swagg vid
DevanOnDeck (23 days ago)
darren Kelly (23 days ago)
Any tips on man boob issues?
DevanOnDeck (23 days ago)
Yes indeed https://youtu.be/zYXnYIASghc
Spoons In The Street (23 days ago)
Exactly what I'm looking for
anish kumar k (23 days ago)
DevanOnDeck (23 days ago)
Sreelal Y (23 days ago)
DevanOnDeck (23 days ago)
Hammerdins Legion (23 days ago)
Step one: Suck in. Step two: talk shit. I do it all the time and it works.
DevanOnDeck (23 days ago)
Step 3: Leave a lame ass comment literally no one will see but me
king muizz (24 days ago)
Dude imma sub just because of how real you are,not to mention how funny you are.
DevanOnDeck (24 days ago)
Hey thanks for the sub
JD Revenge (24 days ago)
I need to know how to look good while I’m eating some ribs and potato salad
DevanOnDeck (24 days ago)
That sounds delicious right about now
D' angelo (24 days ago)
watched only a few vids of his and definitely one of my fave fashion youtubers now
DevanOnDeck (24 days ago)
Hey thanks Nolan! Appreciate that
Kenneth Berry (24 days ago)
DevanOnDeck (24 days ago)
Eric Zap (24 days ago)
Lol I been doing this since high school , thought I was the only one haha
Eric Zap (24 days ago)
I would put just my shorts sleeves in cold water n dry them b4 I would go out n they would b snug as a rug
DevanOnDeck (24 days ago)
Haha you're a smart man
Kristian Smith (24 days ago)
OMG this video has just opened a whole new wardrobe to me. I tried on some clothes I bought myself years ago. I can now wear them with these tips. AMAZING
DevanOnDeck (24 days ago)
Haha nice! Glad this video helped
ebzzzz1 (24 days ago)
Story of my life !!
NO GAMES (24 days ago)
How you feel about yourself shows through even fancy or ordinary cloths, it's in your head bruh not on your back but smooth cloths does help the process .😎✌
DevanOnDeck (24 days ago)
True. Confidence comes through regardless
diesel828 (24 days ago)
Fuck being healthy and exercising!
diesel828 (24 days ago)
DevanOnDeck I hate exercise though
DevanOnDeck (24 days ago)
Whoa I wouldn’t go that far
Steven Carter (25 days ago)
Lift weights
DevanOnDeck (24 days ago)
Fan Of Awesomeness (25 days ago)
Thank you my dude!
Fan Of Awesomeness (24 days ago)
+DevanOnDeck 👏👏👏
DevanOnDeck (25 days ago)
Any time!
Endless Bliss (25 days ago)
Or just work out
DevanOnDeck (25 days ago)
Or shut the hell up
D’Marco Jackson (25 days ago)
Tip #1: hit the gym.
DevanOnDeck (25 days ago)
2 words: Fashion Channel
Kamikaze K (25 days ago)
Automatic subscribe!
DevanOnDeck (25 days ago)
Hey thanks!
nomad13ify (25 days ago)
Lol cool
DevanOnDeck (25 days ago)
😂 thanks

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